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Application materials

Application materials

Below is an overview of the materials you’ll need to complete your on-line application. Find out more by clicking each item:

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Application fees
Standard Fee: The Core Program application fee is $120,- and is non-refundable. We will evaluate your application only after you pay the application fee.
Waived fee: The core program application fee is waived if you are currently a student at one of our partner schools Please contact the educational office at your school for the special application procedure.    

Payment Methods
You can pay the application fee by credit card or through PayPal while completing the online application.

English Language Proficiency
Since the Mavericks Academy and community uses English as its primary language, and all classes are taught in English, you must demonstrate proficiency in English. Speaking a language other than English is not required for admission to the Core Program. If you do speak other languages, however, you can indicate this in your application.