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Dutch government extending the length of studies with yet another year (despite all evidence saying it doesn't help). Why Mavericks is different AND very necessary! - Mavericks - International Entrepreneur Academy

It’s a growing and worrying trend. State-sponsored educational institutions tend to extend the length of their studies every few years. Where a young car mechanic used to be able to go to work after just one year of practical studies (working in the field alongside an experienced mentor), starting next year the official path in Holland for these type of practical jobs consists of FIVE years of studying! Even though many major studies indicate that: people in technical jobs learn 95% of their skills in the first year while on the job. And the other 5% they learn in the years after as they run into more rare problems and challenges.

And the amazing thing is….After five years of studying, students still have to put in a year or two of intern-ships (basically unpaid work) to actually learn the job.

Price tag of these 5 years of studying? approximately 25 to 30.000 euro’s per student and that’s not counting the amount of time wasted (opportunity-costs as we Mavericks like to call it) dabbling and sleeping in class while learning absolutely nothing that will help these students succeed in the jobs market.

The irony is that the government is extending the length of the studies, supposedly because companies are complaining that the kids graduating from schools don’t have any useful skills and need 1 to 2 years of intensive on-the-job training to become useful workers for the companies.

You see what we’re getting at right? 🙂

So instead of shortening studies to include only the one piratical year of mentor-ship that is proven to actually be affective, we keep extending the amount of years of useless hanging around in classrooms. As if doing more of the ineffective stuff will make it somehow more effective. And so our students sit for years, useless, listening to teachers who for the most part, haven’t done the actual job in years, racking up debt’s that they will have to reckon with later in life.

Of-course the school-boards are happy for the extra money (on average 3000,- euro per student per extra year) but what does this mean for you as a student? Do you really feel a total of 7 years of education is needed to become a car mechanic? How about 9 years to become a manager in a small or medium size business? Does it really still seem like it’s a good investment of your time and (on average) 35 / 50.000 euro’s?

Because of government sponsoring of education, the amount of students has risen dramatically over the last 25 years. But the amount of schools and the demand for highly skilled labour has not increased anywhere where near as much. Rising demand but stable supply always means one thing: The prices go up dramatically! And that is what we see everywhere around us. An average university study now goes from 50.000 to 150.000 euro’s. And instead of 4 years, it often takes at least 8 years to get a Masters (in some cases up to 12 years).

With 4 out of 5 university graduates not finding any job in their field of study within 5 years of graduation. The questions becomes: Is it still worth it? Or has the world changed? Is a degree, whether from a practical college or a university, still the great investment it once was? Or are the people changing the world today mostly drop-outs? And the answer is yes. It’s the people who saved themselves 7 or 8 years + 30.000 euro’s worth of sitting in the classroom, waiting to be handed a job that simply isn’t there at the end, who are making the big waves today. From self-taught game developers and programmers to self-made business guru’s and self-made engineers who fund their ideas through sites like Kick-starter.

The world has changed but official education has not.But a new wave is coming and we are happy to be on the cutting edge of it!

That is why Mavericks is only 1 year. Because it simply doesn’t take 5 or 6 to learn business. And our students only have workshops and lectures 1 day a week. The rest of the time you are actually working. Doing it! Gaining actual experience while under the guidance of experienced mentors.

Because that is the only form of education that has ever been proven to work!


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