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Roberts lunches are officially awesome! - Mavericks - International Entrepreneur Academy

If you’ve ever been to one of our workshops or boot-camps, than you know all about the high quality, full-of- unexpected-deliciousness event that is The Mavericks lunch! We absolutely believe that:’ good food breeds good everything else!’ science has proved it time and again. And so we make it a priority to always provide an A-level lunch during our full day events. Though Robert Hazewindus is the man behind the amazing lunches!

The morning before each event, Robert scours the local markets and stores to find the absolute best Amsterdam has to offer! Lets go behind the scenes and ask Robert some questions about his food philosophy:

“So Robert, what exactly are you aiming for with your lunches?”.

Robert: “ It always starts with some nice fresh croissants. I had an uncle once, who’s mother knew a French guy. This guy told this mother of this friend of mine, that a croissant in the morning is something that every human just needs. So that’s clear winner!” 

” That sounds like a good start Robert, It’s nice to see so much history goes into your choices. What comes next?”

Robert: “Fresh orange juice or apple juice is the next big item on my list. Now this has nothing to do with Orange being the Dutch national color or me being a fan of apple computers. Some people always ask me that, but it’s really not a factor. I get the juice because of the vitamins! Everybody needs vitamins you see. So that’s also a clear winner!

” Wow, all healthy stuff so far Robert. what’s next?”

Robert: Well to be honest, once I’ve made sure we’ve got the healthy stuff, I mostly just get a huge load of sweets, cookies and cakes!” 


Robert: “You see people love to have their cake and eat it too. And we are a big fan of that here at Mavericks. Al this healthy stuff is all well and good, but you also need something to nurture the soul. Cookies and cakes and sweets are perfect for this. Every kid knows this, adults tend to forget this wisdom as they get older. So I do my best to remind everybody during their time here at Mavericks. This type of food awakens the inner child in people, and that’s the part of your mind you need to be an effective entrepreneur!”

“Wow that is very insightful. Is their one last ingredient you’d like to share?” 

Robert: “Yes Absolutely! Beer! After the workshops we always take our time and sit down with the students to have drinks together. You see, what some people don’t realize, is that the biggest deals in business are made in personal situations over beers or during a good meal. The guy you meet at the posh networking event is going to mail you twice and than you’ll probably never see him/her again. The guy you run into in the bar and had a fun evening with is actually much more likely to become your next business partner. We like to lead by example! So I do my best to provide everything we need for that.

“That sounds like solid business insights Robert! thank you for this insightful look into how you create the lunch menu at the Maverick events. I’m looking forward to the next one!”