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20-7-2016 Open workshop - Building and keeping a great team around your business! - Mavericks - International Entrepreneur Academy

20-7-2016 Open workshop – Building and keeping a great team around your business!

Welcome to the open Mavericks business Friday. This week our main themes will be:

1: How to find and hire a fantastic team of A-players (both partners and personnel) for your new business.

2: How to be a great manager to a team of A players

In this high octane session we are going to show you some of the most important entrepreneur trade secrets out there: How to gather a dream team for your start-up! It is without a doubt one of the most important aspects of your business. Because a good team generally gets to good results eventually.

In this session we’ll be examining the best strategies to attract highly skilled people to your team and conquer some of the important hurdles that can bedevil the hiring policy of a start-up like: “Low or no cash-flow yet” and “Hiring your very first employee at a high level without having anything to show for your business yet”.

As soon as your team transforms from a one-man show into a more-than-one-man show the entire dynamic of your fledgeling business will change, necessitating the need for management and leadership. Usually this will be you! in this session we’ll closely examine this part of being an entrepreneur exposing some of the hidden pitfalls and showing you many time tested strategies for being a successful start-up manager.

Be prepared to learn some things you didn’t know, you didn’t know.

As always The Mavericks will open the door at 9:30 and start the day at 10:00 sharp. Please respect yourself and your fellow Mavericks by being early or on-time. We all really appreciate it and it starts our day powerfully. Also be ready to implement throughout the day.

We always start with a short Q&A  where each participant gets to share who they are, why they are at Mavericks and what knowledge they seek. After that the Mavericks will teach for several hours (often until about 14:00 with several breaks in between). After the class there will be plenty of time to work one-on-one with the Mavericks on your own project.

– A great Lunch is available at seats2meet ( € 18 not included in the entrée fee) or you can bring your own lunch or visit any of the many café’s at the station.
– Entrée fee for Alumni: FREE
– Regular entrée fee € 25,- (which you pay afterwards if you feel it was more then worth it).

Mavericks – International Entrepreneur Academy is where new entrepreneurs learn the tools of the trade. Are you starting your own business? Or do you have an existing business that you feel has real potential? Enlist the guidance of an absolute business teacher A-team. Teachers who have truly made it as entrepreneurs themselves. With a wide range of experience, a huge international business network and their coaching is in-depth, tailored to your project and highly practical.

Each open day starts with an on-demand master-class or workshop concerning one or two general business themes ( Students and participants have the option to express their specific interests a few days before the event and also at the start of each class ,for those who decided to join last minute). This usually goes on till lunch.

After lunch there is usually a business Q&A and then the Mavericks will work individually with the various groups and individuals attending.