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Financial aid - Mavericks - International Entrepreneur Academy

Financial aid

Financing your attendance at Mavericks is one of many crucial factors you’ll have to consider carefully prior to applying.

Since your education at Mavericks requires a substantial financial commitment from both the student and the academy, We encourage candidates to begin saving personal resources far in advance of applying to the program. We also do our part by providing need-based loans to students who qualify. 

Financial aid distribution

The Financial Aid Office attempts to be fair and equitable in the distribution of financial aid. Approximately one-half of Maverick students borrow to finance their core program. 

Your Financial Contribution (giving back)

All students are expected to contribute a portion of their income and assets following your graduation. (see giving for more info)

We’re Here to Help

The Financial Aid Office staff is available to answer questions regarding the application process and policies at any time. However, due to the large number of applications for admission, the Financial Aid Office reviews and awards financial aid to admitted students only. Upon admission, each student will receive more in-depth financial aid information.