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Mavericks unique advantages

Mavericks make real impact!

The day your business succeeds, is the day you graduate a Maverick! The honorary title “Maverick” means you have personally started, and are now successfully running, an economically sustainable business. Proving you have a firm grasp of all aspects of business as a C.E.O. and have successfully navigated every challenge that comes with starting and running a business.

Our international reputation arises from our unique combination of: highly practical and action orientated teaching, combined with: world class theoretical education

“Schools” are about: sitting, listening and writing down the answers your teachers want to hear. Mavericks academy is the complete opposite. The challenge each of our students face is enormous. Because make no mistake: starting a company and making it succeed is harder than completing any top university! It’s the ultimate test of skill, character and perseverance.

At Mavericks academy you will learn the essentials of business on the same intellectual level as students in any top-level international business school, but you won’t graduate Mavericks a “master of theory” you’ll graduate Mavericks a proven master of action / a Maverick!

Full access to everything the academy Has to offer

Students at Mavericks academy draw on resources from the entire Mavericks network including: high-level business owners, lawyers, investor-networks, engineers, distributors, marketing agency’s and a wide range of varied experts, Our collaborative, cross-disciplinary culture is evident from day one. Anything you need to make your business work, our academy network can get you access to a partner that can provide what you need.

A highly flexible and experienced faculty

You’ll work with a team that has truly ‘been there’ and has ‘done that’. When it comes to building and running businesses there is no substitute for real experience. The founders of Mavericks have all literally played with the big boys, have lost most of their fortunes at some point and have built it all back up again and then some! So when they say: ‘they know what they are talking about’ they mean exactly that! And with an 8-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio, it means every student has direct access to the full level of expertise of our faculty.

A personalized experience

The intimate learning environment at Mavericks Academy allows for close peer-to-peer interaction, small-group collaboration, and one-to-one coaching. In fact, our class size is very limited compared to other leading schools — averaging about 20 students per class. This is a conscious choice. Business is full of surprises, so our group of teachers is no stranger to midnight phone-calls or all-hands-on-deck moments. We keep our groups lean, mean and flexible in order to fully empower our students and tailor our curriculum to your unique: needs, skills, experience, and goals.

Mavericks Academy will add an exceptional range of experiences, new connections, and opportunities to your life.