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Our Clan system

Our Clan system

Your time at Mavericks Academy is not just about learning skills and building your company. It’s also about building a network of international friends and partners that will empower and sustain you life in the future. 

During your time at Mavericks academy, your Clan is that network! Throughout the program you’ will engage in a series of Clan building activities and challenges that are both fun and life-changing. You’ll form a close bond with your fellow Clan-members as you each engage in the enormous challenge of founding your companies.

Your Clan also caries real responsibility within the academy. We believe in co-creation and democracy and this is deeply ingrained in the DNA of Mavericks Entrepreneur academy. Each clan has both the freedom and responsibility to realize new visions for the future of the academy. We intend to learn from you, as much as you intend to learn from us. Together we keep the Academy at the forefront of entrepreneurial education.

“Always be there for your clan, and your clan will always be there for you!” Is the motto!