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The Maverick program

At the heart of Mavericks International Entrepreneur Academy, lies our signature CORE program.

Admissions for 2016-2017 clans are NOW open!

Completely unique in its make-up, our program has one clear goal. Your graduation day, is the day you can live of the income from your own company.  Together we move mountains to make this dream a reality.

The core program is a high-intensity roller-coaster-ride. We believe in a ready, fire, aim approach and live and teach by this philosophy. Make no mistake: Starting and running a company successfully, is harder than finishing a top university! Being an entrepreneur means being the ultimate generalist, because if you don’t get it done, no one else will! It’s the ultimate test of skill, character and perseverance.

Our admission process for the core program is rigorous and thorough. Which means that if you make it into a Clan, we really believe you’ve got the stuff! And you’re in great company.

The Core program is a Full-time program with a 2-to-3 coaching-to-action ratio, which means you’ll spend about 16 hours per week in various workshops and in one-on-one coaching sessions. The other 24 hours (and probably far more) of the work-week you’ll spend actively building your company!

Because the experience of each student is so unique and individually tailored, it’s impossible to realistically quantify the course, but just to give you an idea of the general structure of what you’ll learn. Here is an overview of the bones of the CORE program:

(Many of the subjects in this overview overlap or may be structured far less linearly then depicted below) 


The core program starts with a week of intense Clan-building. During a series of fun challenges and activities you’ll get to know your Clan, and you’ll learn the foundations of Mavericks Academy culture. Than the challenge will begin in earnest!

1: The brilliant idea creation phase:

Finding the right opportunity is key! In the first 6 weeks you will learn to cultivate the eyes of the entrepreneur. How do you become a professional searcher of hidden business opportunities? And once you find a possible niche, how do you test your visions cheaply and effectively and evaluate your chances of success realistically? This first phase ends once you’ve discovered your business idea, proved your concept as viable and are ready to move into the next phase:

1: Secret entrepreneur Jedi mind-powers
2: The entrepreneur trade craft skill-set
3: Cheap field testing tricks for entrepreneurs
4: Making realistic business projections and crafting a strong concept presentation
5: Making and using business concepts presentations

2: Creating your company:

Once your business idea proves viable it’s time to setup an official company. From the formulation of the articles of association, right up to the acquisition of funding (if needed). This is where the Core program really moves into action as you: build your team, hammer out each detail of your business and make deals with suppliers, manufacturers, etc. With the guidance of our faculty and your Clan, you’ll take the first steps in building your company. 

6: Choosing the right legal form for your business and setting it up
7: Realizing every detail of your business process
8: Creating a team and how to hire A players
9: Attracting and dealing with investors / financial partners
10: Becoming an effective manager

3: Creating and positioning your brand and laying out a clear market and business strategy:

As your company’s production and distribution-structures are taking form in the background, you’ll start translating your product and company into a strong and effective brand-name. Than it’s time to draw the battle plans and device a strategy to take your potential market by storm!

11: Transforming your business idea into an effective brand and choosing an effective marketing strategy
12: On-line entrepreneur essentials 
13: Structuring and optimizing the value exchange flow of your company
14: Setting up and managing effective supply chain and retail management

4: The launch and running the company!

It’s the ultimate test of character! Hitting the key figures, Keeping your investors on board, Dealing with the love and admiration of happy costumers and the scorn and angry demands of the unhappy ones. Consolidating what works and getting rid of what holds you down! This is your moment! Your chance to prove yourself a true Maverick!

14: High-end modern marketing 
15: Becoming a responsible legal company
16: Setting up and managing the: Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly structures of your company
17: Setting up advanced management/reporting tools and consolidating your company day to day

5: Maverick life!

Once your company is up and running you’ve officially completed the Core program and you’re receive your honorary title as a Maverick! Most of our alumni stay closely connected to the Academy after their graduation. Our faculty continues to support their ongoing business development with advice and the academy network. And graduates support new clans by sharing their experiences.    


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