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Why Mavericks International Entrepreneur Academy?

Living at the heart of change

The world will always keep changing and so will your path in life. With an education from the Mavericks International Entrepreneur Academy, you’ll not only keep pace with the change — you’ll be the force driving it!

Mastering entrepreneurship & business is a highly valuable investment in your future and the Mavericks experience returns value in ways that go well beyond the monetary.

Entrepreneurs and business leaders are at the heart of our changing economy and culture. It’s entrepreneurs who push us to explore new ways of thinking, new ways of connecting services, new ways of manufacturing and distribution. By becoming a business leader you’ll be in the perfect position to make the contribution you always dreamed of. Perhaps on a scale you never imagined possible.

Mavericks Academy’s educational program will empower you to not only succeed, but thrive in today’s complex business world.  And during your time at Mavericks you’ll build a powerful network of accomplished, inspiring colleagues that will continue to sustain and enrich your life, long after your final class.

Exponentially more than a resume enhancement or a means to an end, your Mavericks experience will shape and inspire your entire career and transform your way of life and also the lives of those close to you.